By Shane Bennett, Caleb Project

“Miss Jill, I’m so glad you taught us that. Now I can use just one hand and pray for the whole world.” Jill Harris, Caleb Project staff member, had just completed a teaching for several children in which she showed them how to pray for the five major blocks of unreached people. “Remember THUMB,” she instructed. “One letter for each finger. One finger for each group: Tribals, Hindus, Unreligious, Muslims, Buddhists.” The kids caught the concept and prayed with gusto.

While there are definite limitations on kids’ involvement in the world, they are not simply caterpillars sliming along until they’re old enough to get involved. At Caleb Project, we enthusiastically believe kids can make a huge contribution to God’s growing kingdom.

Kids can pray: Blessed with fresh faith and a massive capacity to believe God, kids can pray prayers that might never escape the lips of adult Christians. Knowing they serve a big God, they feel okay about praying big prayers. According to Jill Harris, “They just believe.”

Kids can give: Kids can make a difference (remember the widow’s mite!) even though the pennies may rattle freely in their piggy banks. One Caleb Project family was blessed while they lived in Europe by the money sent by their hometown AWANA group. With Christmas approaching, now is a great time for little world changers to think about how they can give to their peers around the world.

Kids can go: By God’s grace, many of our kids will grow up to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Meanwhile, they can go to their friends, or maybe even better, make friends with kids from other cultures. And they can be getting ready. Olympic athletes don’t wake up at age 18 and decide to begin training. They invest most of their growing up years in preparation. Maybe God’s purposes are worth a similar investment on the part of our young missionaries-to-be.

So that’s some of what kids can do. What can you do to help them?

  • Give them Kids THUMB Prayer Cards. Find this cool resource in the Caleb Project store (http://www.calebproject.org/store/).
  • November marks The International Day of Prayer (IDOP) (http://www.persecutedchurch.org) for the Persecuted Church, and the end of Ramadan. What a great time for kids to be engaged in praying for God’s purposes in the world.
  • Read them a missionary biography. Check out youth-oriented biographies on William Carey and Amy Carmichael. Kids eat them up!
  • Pray with and for them. Can you imagine sitting down with a Sunday school class, a niece or nephew, or even your own child and praying, “God use this young one as your ambassador to a place the Church has yet to go?” These are weighty and important prayers. Probably most missionaries had their roads paved by saints who lifted them up when they were yet years from the plane.

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