A poor and weeping farmer goes out to sow good seed he stored and kept for just this day. He hungers for the broken bread and thirsts for life. But as he goes I hear him pray, "O Lord of Harvest, multiply this seed that we may see your glory soon displayed."

He throws the grain. The wind then takes the seed Abroad; some lands upon the beaten path. It stays there for the briefest time, for birds descend and gladly rob his work and snatch away the word of life. The evil one who does such work will face God's wrath.

The sower carries on. Some wheat will fall on rocky, barren ground and sprout and grow for but a day or two. The sun then burns and wilts the shoots. At first such folk will know a taste of gospel joy. Then persecution drives them off. But still the sower sows.

Around the edges of the field are clumps of weeds and thorns. Here good seed also fell but soon was robbed of water, light, and life. Concerns for needs grow into lusts for wealth, and worries steal away the peace and joy they knew. Their hearts grow hard, God's love unfelt.

The sower cries when all the seed is sown but trusts the Lord for growth in bits of soil that's free of pests and rocks and weeds. Though some of these invade the field to kill and spoil the words he shared, one day you'll hear the farmer sing that God has multiplied his joy.

Acts 1:8
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