GoChinese Farm Training Center  

A network of Chinese believers are interested in starting a farm to be used as a training center both to train rural people in advanced agriculture techniques and provide an opportunity for training people in rural areas to be church planters.

Their target is 13 UPG’s (Unreached People Groups) in central China. The plan is to bring UPG believers or seekers to the farm for training and then send them back to their home areas to share what they learned both in farm technology and spiritual truth.

They are looking to believers outside their network for financial and technology support. Approximately $50,000 USD is needed in helping to obtain the farm. In this situation, financial gifts would be considered donations rather than an investment. This $50,000 would cover operating expenses for the first five years. At that time the goal is for the farm to have become self sustaining and even begin helping minorities to set up replica farms in the various unreached people group areas.

The Chinese believers have been praying about this project for more than two years while looking for people who can help them with this project. As soon as the funds become available they would be willing to start. These believers have shown true vision and passion for taking God’s Truth to the unreached people groups in this country.

Their end-vision is to share God’s truth, provide support by providing the new believers with training and the Word of God and enable the churches in unreached areas to grow indigenously to the point where native believers no longer need their active involvement from outside. We believe in their vision and want to serve and support them as our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Acts 1:8
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